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In a way, I have no idea why I'm posting this fic. I'd been meaning to write something funnier on the topic of switching fangirly boyfriends (from David Tennant to Aaron Paul), and just couldn't quite come up with something that's right by my standards. But this is the best I could do, so I'll give it a whirl. It's totally stupid and may not be funny at all. At least I can say I tried :P

Title: Inside kitty's head: Changing of the Guard
Plot: Out with the old (DT), and in with the new (AP) at the cesspool otherwise known as kitty's head. There's a few teething problems. 
Warnings: There's a little bit of jumper-punching, bad in-house humour, and a Jim Carrey reference. None of this is factual on any level at all whatsoever, or is reflective of my RL views on the actors in question. It's just nuts, frankly. NUTS.

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In diversifying my blogging somewhat, I've opted to keep this journal exclusively for fics, which means shifting some content on LJ over here to start with...and keeping it in chronological order :) For the record, this is the first fic I've ever been able to properly finish, which is an achievement in itself, because usually I'm not all that flash at finshing most things I start :P It was written almost two years ago and was inspired by a need to elaborate further on the ending to The Next Doctor, where Jackson Lake convinces Ten to stay and have Christmas dinner, as well as validate the even-Blind-Freddy-could-see-it chemistry between David Tennant and David Morrissey in that episode *g* Upon reading it again for the kazillionth time, I'm totally agog at the density of the language. Cripes, I'll probably never write something of this ilk again!

Just a little warning before the cut: The fic is slashy, and it's pretty dark. Otherwise, if you like the idea of reading about two men boozing and bonding, then by all means read on...

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